The Business CompositionThe Business Composition reveals music as a source of inspiration for organizations that wat to improve the experience they deliver to their costomers. For musicians customer experience is key. They have to reach and move their audiences withe every performance. Their reputation and future is directly at stake every time. How do they deal with that? And what can business learn from that?

The Business Composition explains the principles composers, directors, producres and musicians use to arrive at performances that touch and convince people. And translates these into eye openers and guidelines for business leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists, marketers, account managers , specialists and their teams who want to move their customers and improve their Net Promotor Score. It combines analysis with practical examples, poses some intriguing questions and offers thought provoking models and ready-to-use methods for business development.

Available in English and Dutch editions

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Skipr magazine, december 2010,

Column Floris Hurts: CPB vertekent beeld zorgkwaliteit

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Financieel Dagblad, 16-2-2010,

Artikel Floris Hurts: Klant niet gebaat bij beursnotering

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Nieuwstribune, November 2006

Interview Floris Hurts: ‘Zorg dat ze niet zonder je willen’

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Thema Magazine, September 2006

Interview Floris Hurts: ‘Hoe word je onmisbaar’

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Zorg & Ondernemen, nr 9, 2006

‘De beste innovatie is een nieuwe visie’

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Volkskrant artikel, 2006

‘Laat burger met voucher zelf voor zorg kiezen’

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