The indispensability Factor

The Indispensability Factor inspires organizations to look at their customers and their services from a different angle. To look for what is needed to become virtually indispensable to customers – not because they cannot do without you, but because they prefer not to do without you. Not as a result of loyalty programs, but through a truly customer driven approach, which customers recognize as the desired answer to their situation and (un-)spoken needs and annoyances.

You can raise your Indispensability Factor by following a seven step approach, developed by HDNM and described in the book De Onmisbaarheidsfactor. In short: identify and focus on your core customer, describe the core customer’s process, discover his needs and annoyances – even if they are unspoken, design your approach as an integrated but modular solution to this, check for appreciation and perceived value in the eyes of the customer, expand gradually, communicate your customer understanding.

Order this book (dutch) from the publisher: Thema or Managementboek.