The Business Composition


The Business CompositionHow to compose, conduct and perform business in such a way
that your customers feel moved
and your company achieves results to be proud of.

Music as a rich source of inspiration for organizations that want to improve the experience of their customers. That is what you will discover in The Business Composition. For musicians customer experience is crucial: if they do not succeed in reaching and touching their audiences with every performance, their reputation and future are at stake right away. How they take on that challenge offers learning potential for all businesses and institutions in commercial and public services.

The Business Composion explains the principles composers, directors, producers and musicians use to conceive and deliver performances that touch and move their audiences. And translates these into eye openers and guidelines for business leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists, marketers, account managers, specialists and their teams who wish to impress their customers and improve their Net Promotor Score. It combines analysis with everyday examples, poses some intriguing questions and offers new thinking models and ready-to-use methods. To show how the principles that lead to convincing compositions can also work for business.

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