Thinking further

Verder DenkenNo company likes to lose customers. But addressing every demand customers make raises costs, increases the risk of mistakes made by stressed employees and misused systems and makes it more difficult to handle exceptions.

The way out is: design your service concept with a focus on your ‘core customer’: the type of client that has the greatest impact on your success as a company. That allows you to concentrate all design efforts on one approach that really works well. As a result your competitive position will become much stronger, your brand positioning a lot clearer. Customers in other categories will recognize your approach to be fitting for them as well. That way you will be able to maintain higher quality at lower costs.

HDNM coined this approach as ‘the indispensability factor, detailed in the book ‘De onmisbaarheidsfactor’ by Floris Hurts.
We have over a decade of experience working with this approach and helped dozens of enterprises applying it to their satisfaction.