The Business Composition management workshops

Based on the insights of The Business Composition, HDNM developed a series of management workshops in association with the renowned Metropole Orchestra.
In a unique interactive setting management teams (max 20 per session) are welcomed at the rehearsal studios of the orchestra, which often performs on national and international TV shows and concerts. As guests the attendees observe directly how a professional orchestra creates a moving experience from written music and is guided to draw lessons for their own cooperation. Dialogue with the conductor and members of the orchestra invite business leaders and professionals to look differently at what it takes to create powerful performances.

Workshop themes are:

  1. Composing and arranging as a method for creating impactful business cases
  2. Leadership and followership, playing solo and supporting others
  3. Interpretation and improvisation
  4. Customer focused cooperation
  5. Reaching the heart of the customer
  6. Performing under pressure.